Antique Terracotta

The antique Terracotta tiles and bricks are sourced from central Europe, have a French feel to them of 150-250 years old, and date from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.Fired in wood burning kilns, giving them their varies colour, shape and size.
Moulded by hand which gives them their interesting texture and tone so the finished floor will be full of unique character and rustic authenticity.

antique terracotta brick
Antique Terracotta bricks Antique bricks flooring very similar colouration to the Terracotta floor tile. the patina is a bit more buttery nature. It can be supplied in plam/red, straw/light pastel or mixture.   Dimensions  12 x 25cm Thickness 2.5 cm

Antique Terracotta bricks

antique terracotta hexagon (1)
Antique Terracotta hexagon The Antique Terracotta Hexagon can be supplied in both pastel and classic red colouration.   Dimensions 15 x 15cm Thickness 2cm 14.5 x 14.5cm Thickness 3cm

Antique Terracotta hexagon

antique terracotta diamond (1)
Antique Terracotta diamond Antique Terracotta Diamond tiles 150-200 years in age. Available in pastel, blonde and classic red or mix.   Dimensions 28 x 14cm Thickness 2.5cm 24 x 12cm Thickness 2.5cm

Antique Terracotta diamond

antique terracotta rectanglel (1)
Antique Terracotta rectangle Antique 19th century rectangle Terracotta light pastel.   Dimensions  36 x 16cm

Antique Terracotta rectangle

antique terracotta parquet style
Antique Terracotta parquet style The Antique Terracotta parquet style is available in classic red, light pastel or mixture of the two.   Dimensions  30 x 7.5cm thickness 2cm

Antique Terracotta parquet style