Stone floors
The Jerusalem stone was widely used by the most famous builders of the city: King David, King Solomon, King Herod and Alexander the Great all used this for the construction of the holiest structures in the city throughout the ages. Our Jerusalem stone collection is unique and we offer various […]

Stone floors

stone products
Stone House with its Mediterranean concept, bringing the traditional antique elements together with a modern approach to European life style. Many of these items are manufactured in our workshop and other of the items are purchased in Europe. We offer an unusual interesting and constantly changing architectural stonework including a […]

Stone products

antique terracotta
The antique Terracotta tiles and bricks are sourced from central Europe, have a French feel to them 150-250 years old, and date from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Fired in wood burning kilns, giving them their varies colour, shape and size. Moulded by hand which gives them their interesting texture and tone […]

Antique Terracotta