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antique mosaics
Our mosaics have a range of colours, shades and textures that are inspired by antique reclaimed stones. These mosaics are build up from small pieces of hand cut stones and marble for floors and walls. Stonehouse produces antique mosaics of high quality using a variety of traditional technique, often inspired […]

Antique Mosaics

stonehouse home & garden
HOME & GARDEN   March 2015


  Visiting the Armenian workshop in the heart of Jerusalem using for nearly 100 years a special technique to create ceramic tiles by hand. A new Digital technique on ceramic tiles, which can reproduced images in a wide range of design options and periods, including Victorian tiles, Art Nouveau, Impressionism […]

Armenian ceramic workshop

  Our French inspired stones are a unique blend of Jerusalem stones, each stone is being hand aged in our workshop to perfect the ancient finish that replicates the originals genuine reclaimed Bourgogne. This beautiful versatile blend with its warm colours from pale cream to gold honey create a welcoming […]

French inspired stones

metro stone back to black
A dramatic wonderful colour the perfect background for many textures and colours. With black stone floor, everything matches and life is simpler. You cannot beat black. An elegant choice for the living room and/or for the bathroom. Many options will look fantastic in every area of your house.  

Back to black

la perla tumbled stone
Greenery the selected colour for 2017 is a refreshing and revitalizing shade, and is symbolic of new beginnings. Fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.Greenery in daily lives through urban planning, architecture, lifestyle and design choices globally. Nature’s neutral, […]

The selected colour for 2017

shavellie2 stone
Stonehouse works to ensure both the consistency and the utmost quality of our products. We have been working with our quarries and artisans for years to refine our techniques. The antiqued stones and some of the new edition materials we have developed have variations in size, shape, colour, texture and thicknesses […]

Natural stone and maintenance

villa monttesori
Traditionally design, Oriental influences, inspired by grand architectures, made from oak or walnut and silver, originally hand painted metropolitan modern design. We chose a collection of unique floors with different looks, colours and finish for contemporary and classic interiors for the Kitchen. From the warm toned of the antique Jerusalem […]

Great ambiance for the kitchen

antique jerusalem stone
Entrance is that first contact with your personal space. It is a mirror to the beyond. The entry is our everyday passage. Design your entrance. Make it welcoming, warm with our Antique encaustic cement tiles, natural stone floor in sizes 15 /30cm, 20/20cm, antique mosaic, and lots more.    Hand painted Armenian […]

Make the entrance the star

shavellie stone
Small in size but can be genius in design we at Stonehouse offer a dynamic use of the available space efficiency. Transform the apartment or city homes with limited special into a beautiful comfortable area. Presents a multitude of useful small spaces ideas for interior architects and designers. Bathroom and […]

Small areas big ideas

Jerusalem Grey Gold
There is a significant effect of the amazing grey colour on any interior design, and there is a whole world of choice when it comes to the use of grey stone on the floor. Plenty of textures and finishes available in a variety of colours from pale to dark to […]

Choice for grey

ספרים מומלצים
Books we recommend about architecture and architects, design of private houses and public places. Beauty and aesthetics present a variety of different types of design and styles from all over the world with beautiful photographs that will inspire you during construction, renovation and in general.      

Book recommendation

bresha 1 stone 3 finishes
Jerusalem Honey A classic limestone from the Holly Land. Quarried for more than 30 years from the Hebron Mountain south to Jerusalem. Strong, consistent, and low maintenance the Jerusalem Honey is beautiful in all different finishes contemporary look in polished, honed or brushed, in tumbled finish to achieve the rural […]

One stone different finishes