Choice for grey

antique asher grey stoneThere is a significant effect of the amazing grey colour on any interior design, and there is a whole world of choice when it comes to the use of grey stone on the floor. Plenty of textures and finishes available in a variety of colours from pale to dark to stormy, all of them will happily complement and appreciate your design ideas.
The reason for the continuing popularity of grey is certainly due to its versatility, trendy and sophisticated look with soft shades of colour such as: light green, soft and warm with wood tones and will be more intense with dark shades with the right design to accompany it.
Where antique and modern meet these contemporary rustic stones in subtle finish, works beautiful with both modern and traditional interiors.We at Stone House have some shades and types of grey flooring that may interest you.

antique French inspired
asher grey stoneAntique Asher  grey
Unique taupe with fossilsgrey lurton stoneGrey Lurton Deep grey rusticjerusalem grey gold stoneJerusalem grey gold

Dramatic greymilano vintage stoneMilano vintage