Great ambiance for the kitchen

villa monttesori stone

Traditionally design, Oriental influences, inspired by grand architectures, made from oak or walnut and silver, originally hand painted metropolitan modern design. We chose a collection of unique floors with different looks, colours and finish for contemporary and classic interiors for the Kitchen. From the warm toned of the antique Jerusalem limestone, Vieux Bourgogne and the distressed Clair Bourgogne to the architectural simplicity of the Soho, Jerusalem honey and the rich texture of the Jerusalem grey gold.

jerusalem grey gold stone  

Jerusalem Grey Gold

This light antique finish gives an attractive worn appearance. The Jerusalem Grey Gold is a dense and hardwearing stone . It works well in a variety of room settings. The colour tons are gentle greys mix and swirl with golden hues.
Available in different sizes and finishes.

 Soho  soho stone
villa montessori stone  Villa Montessori

This beautiful French inspired stone in hand aged antique finish is a blend of stones from old quarries from the surrounding hills of Jerusalem. We created this collection to achieve the look of an ancient traditional floor. The Harmonious cream, gold and occasional red tones mix together to create a very special floor. Available in many different sizes and patterns


Antique Provence

The beautiful antique Provence flagstone, is a blend of stones collected from several quarries from the surrounding Hills of Jerusalem. This gives a range of colours tons from beige and cream to pale and brown. All selected to blend together to achieve a collage affect. Each stone is carefully aged by hand which gives a look of an ancient floor at a special attractive price.

 antique provence stone
halila tumbled stone  Jerusalem Honey

A classic limestone from the Holly Land. Quarried for more than 30 years from the Hebron Mountain south to Jerusalem. Strong, consistent, and low maintenance the Jerusalem honey is beautiful in all different finishes contemporary look in polished, honed or brushed, in tumbled finish to achieve the rural look, sandblast and French inspired look with our special hand aged antique finish.