Natural stone and maintenance

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Stonehouse works to ensure both the consistency and the utmost quality of our products. We have been working with our quarries and artisans for years to refine our techniques. The antiqued stones and some of the new edition materials we have developed have variations in size, shape, colour, texture and thicknesses due to the inherent nature of the stone and to the handmade processes we work with. These irregularity features and characteristics most of our natural antiqued materials. Minor honing marks may be seen on some of the surfaces of some of the honed and hand honed materials, which should disappear when the stone is sealed. All natural stone require sealing after installation in order to improve stain resistance. We strongly recommend taking advice from a specialist stone maintenance company regarding the initial protection of the stone and its subsequent maintenance.  During the continuing building work, please cover the floor with boards in order to protect the stone. Only after the floor is completely dry and clean should you apply sealer to protect your stone for many years. The maintenance of the floor is relatively low and just require swiping or vacuuming and occasionally moping with a suitable stone floor cleaner. All stone is supplied subject to the natural variations which occur and may differ from a sample supplied and batch to batch. Should you require any further technical information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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